Welcome to 1IN20 the Open Source Medicine Project.  Driving Better Patient Outcomes By Providing an Open Source Path Forward For The Health Care & Pharmaceutical Industry.

Why Open Source Medicine

The  diagnostic and pharmaceutical development  capabilities of the health care system is roughly 25+ years behind, with technology widening the gap every day.  This is compounded by the demand for Health Care services increasing in the United States’ as the population ages.


We believe it is our duty to help those who helped us.

We believe we can help those in need though open source technology & Principles.

We believe open source medicine will decrease health care cost and increase patient outcomes.




The 1IN20 open source medicine project is based on the GNU and The MIT (MIT) open source licenses.  Basically if your a pharmaceutical developer or in the health care industry, you may commercialize, use,  implement the technology and data.   However, it must remain open source.

Like  our founding fathers who started GNU/ LINUX THE APACHE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION Our mission is to preserve, protect and promote the freedom to use, study, copy, modify, and redistribute open source medicine technology, and to defend the rights of patients, doctors, & health care industry who use the software, data & technology of the open source medicine project.


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